Composition in Music Education

By Matthew Cornwell

Welcome to my Website, See the above tabs and click on something that interests you 🙂 As the title suggests this website focuses on Composition and Music education.

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Week 6- Ebook Resource

Making Ebooks This week focused on using apps such as kindle create to create and publish your own ebooks for the purposes of music education. Practically I can see this being very applicable in a classroom context as you can create your own classroom resources. To demonstrate this I have created a powerpoint that can […]

Week 5- Video Resource

Multi Cam Filming This week focused on filming from 2 different angles while maintaining audio seek. To create my ‘multicammed film’ I used Sony Vegas 14 which I purchased 2 years ago during a steam summer sale for the low price of $80 hoping that one day it would be useful. Conveniently I had recently […]

Week 4- Notation Resource

Notation Software and Music Education Notation software streamlines the laborious process of handwriting scores and are great for composing, but they are also a valuable tool for music education. My notation software of choice Sibelius has a ‘Teaching Tab’ (see below) This function allows for the creation of any musical worksheet imaginable (assuming its notation […]

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