Composition in Music Education

By Matthew Cornwell

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Latest from the Blog

Week 12

I Learnt the F minor chord and have just been going over what chords I already know. I’ve also been creating and jamming to hypothetical chord progressions that could be in the exam. I failed at learning all the chords but I learnt a decent amount and am fairly comfortable with the ukulele as an […]

Week 9

I Learnt the Ukulele ‘power chord’ shape. Power chords are a great emergency faking tool if you cant play the exact chord, but I need to get familiar with what the notes are on the top string if I want to use power chords on a whim.

Week 7

Learned how to play the B minor chord and figured out a trick with the C major chord where I can easy jump between C7 and C major 7. You just move the 3rd fret on the bottom string to the 2nd and 3rd etc. You can do easy and cool chromatic chord stuff like this.

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